Tuesday Science Café: January 2nd 2018

The Effect of Pregnant Women's Exposure to Dust Storms on Neonatal Mortality

Time: Tuesday, January 2nd 2018

Mohammad Karimi

 Place: Cafe Tablighat


About Tuesday Science Café

The “Tuesday Science Café” is held for the following purposes:

* Development of academic science in public

* Provide an opportunity for researchers to present their researches and studies’ results to public

* Creating an opportunities for researchers and business owners to connect and cooperate

* Create an opportunity for criticism and scientific discussion in a friendly environment

Presenters and Participants

Although the presenters are mostly experts and academic activists, participants have different backgrounds, fields of study and interests. This variety forms a rare potential for investigating different approaches and different views on one single subject.

Currently our subjects are mostly about issues in Law, Management and Economics , though we hope that in near future more and more fields are covered, presented and discussed.


The Science Café is held on Tuesdays. Time and place of science Café is announced one to two weeks in advance.


Science Café is free and open to everyone. There is no membership fee. The only fee that participants pay is what they order in the café. If the participants contribute more than their order,  the surplus will be used for gifts to presenters.

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